For more information on what the Prelaunch Challenges are, please check out this blog post.

There are 5 ways you can earn points for yourself and your favorite Mythology

  1. Participate in the weekly challenges that will be announced every Saturday 9 AM CEST on the Discord server.
  2. Execute a bounty challenge. Hard to do challenges that require more time and effort. Those will be regularly updated and announced on the Discord server.
  3. Execute an ongoing challenge. Those would be small tasks like sharing a blog post, rating etc. They will be active at any time during the Prelaunch period.
  4. Propose a new weekly challenge. We want to make those challenges fun for you so what a better way than doing something that you yourself suggested.
  5. You got some special skills or you are just a creative person who wants to help us? You can bake a delicious cake with the game symbol on it? Or you have a contact with some media author who can create a review for the game? Anything can work. Share your thoughts with us on how do you think you can help us build a better game or promote it. Contact pavelk on Discord. We will be happy to provide you with any game materials needed.

You think we can improve the organization of the Prelaunch Challenges? Just contact us. I think you got the point – we are very open for communication and we are willing to change some rules if anything does not make sense.


Current Standings


Weekly Challenges

The first weekly challenges will be focused on revealing the existing cards and giving you a chance to fix those or suggest new cards.

===================== SEASON 2 =====================

  1. Week 5 – You have voted and chose the next Mythology to join the World of Myths to be the MesoAmerican. This week you have a chance to design all cards for the mythology. This means that we have no existing card effects. However, we have a general idea of the playstyles for the MesoAmerican. As every other mythology we will have 2 different playstyles available for a start:
    • Sacrifice – Effects related to sacrificing your own units to get buffs for your other units or harm your opponent. One potential direction where this might go is buffing your leader – giving him/her more power and try to win with him/her. The other direction for this playstyle could be a typical swarm – multiple weak units flooding the board.
    • Prophecy – You know the Mayan Calendar? Good. We want to have a playstyle related to their ability to predict the future. This will be a really hard to play playstyle for all the hardcore and strategy thinkers. The effects would be applied based on future or past actions. For example: “Whenever you play 2 curses in a turn, deal 2 damage to the strongest opponent temple” or “When you play a unit with 4 or more power in 3 consistent turns deal 5 damage to a temple”, “If you have played 3 or more units last turn, all friendly units get +1 power” etc.


  1. Link – Units/Leaders/Spells that we are considering. You can propose effects for any of those
  2. Link – Google forms to propose new effects. You can propose effects for the cards that we’ve suggested or create new ones.


Again we are focusing on the creative side of the effects and how unique they are. Proposed cards with no effects will not grant points. Proposed cards with generic effects will not grant points as well most of the time. However this time the points granting will not go through a details evaluation as the previous weeks. Almost any proposed card will grant points as long as it matches any of the described playstyles.

  1. 30 points – Propose a card

NotePoints might be rewarded after the weekly challenge ends but those will be reviewed case by case


===>  2. Week 6 – Time to put your hands on the game…. or at least part of it. This week you will be able to test out the Login / Register panel as well as the Collection/Deckbuilder part of the game.

NOTE: Whenever you register, random cards will be assigned to your account. So if you are missing a card that you need for some reason – try registering another account. Ultimately you can contact pavelk on Discord to manually add you cards.


  1. DOWNLOAD THE GAME (Limited with only Deckbuilder features)
  2. Link – Google forms to report bugs


10 – 100 points per reported bug



Bounty Challenges

  1. 500 points – Create wikipedia page for World of Myths – claimed by Scofield3 on 01.09
  2. 100 points – Give a title to our main theme song (link on discord) – claimed by sUBzERoo on 05.09
  3. $250 + 500 points – The Hooking Sentence – [Deadline – 23.09.2018]
    What is the 1 sentence you would tell your friends to make them interested in the game? We are not talking about all the fancy marketing words you can put in a sentence here – we are talking about a real thing you will go and tell your friend.
    When we are asked to pitch World of Myths  in 1 sentence, we’ve given different answers over time and we’ve received different reactions. We’ve tried to talk about the control over combat, then we tried focusing on the win condition, then the ability to summon leaders, then the fact that the units don’t have HP etc.
    Now we ask you – What is the single sentence that you would present World of Myths with? What is the thing that you find most interesting about the game and you believe other people will find it interesting too? What is the hook? What is that makes the game unique for you? You can watch a short explanation and get more details on the hook of the games here:
    Keep it simple
    Example 1: It’s a CCG but the units don’t attack each other
    Example 2: If Hearthstone and Clash Royale had a baby…
    Note: As with some of the other challenges – if we don’t use it in the exact way you presented it, you still will get the reward as long as you inspired us for the final result.

Ongoing Challenges

  1. 20 points – Vote for the next Mythology on our FB Poll
  2. 25 points – Comment a World of Myths post on Facebook. Applies only for comments added during a 7 days period after the original post.
  3. 50 points – Subscribe to our youtube channel: Existing subscribers can claim the points as well.
  4. 60 points – Share a World of Myths post on Facebook. Applies only for shares during a 7 days period after the original post.
  5. 100 – 300 points   – Create a post about World of Myths in any FB group that might be interested, Redit, forums etc. The points awarded will be based on the post content and quality and the place it is posted.
  6. 100 – 1000 points – Stream a gameplay video. Points will depend on a number of subscribers and viewers
  7. 300 points – Propose a new Weekly challenge. You will receive the points once the challenge starts if approved.


How to Claim Your Points

You will find a channel on Discord for each category – weekly, bounty and ongoing. You just have to link a proof of your actions and the points will be rewarded. (Note: points are rewarded manually so it might take some time to update the current standing). Every processed message for executed challenge/action will get a “check_mark” emoticon.

Additional Comments

We wanted to make this whole thing a lot more shiny but decided to focus on the game development and that’s why we are using the good old Google Sheets for the Current standings, we are recording the points manually etc.


Past Seasons

===================== SEASON 1 =====================

  1. Week 1 – The Sun Rises – LINK (Card Images, Card Suggestions)
  2. Week 2 – It’s Cold Out Here – LINK (Card Images, Card Suggestions)
  3. Week 3 – Excuse me, sir, did you order this gigantic wooden horse? – LINK (Card Images, Card Suggestions)
  4. Week 4 – The Lost Souls – LINK . This week the card proposals will go through Google forms -> LINK
        1. 10 point      – Report card typo
        2. 20 points    – A Better name for a card
        3. 30 points    – Detect unclear text effect and propose a better wording. (might require text clarification from the staff)
        4. 100 points  – Catch and report potentially game-breaking combo. (Combination of played cards that can result in infinite loops or unintended situations)
        5. 100 points  – Design a card. The card should match the currently available playstyles for the mythology. The points will be rewarded only for the cards that pass selection. The points will be rewarded even if the suggested card is used as inspiration and not as exactly suggested. Bonus points if you do the artwork and we include it :D. Edit: 60 points will be rewarded at the end of each week if your proposed card will be considered. The other 40 points will be rewarded if the card makes it to the game. Note: We highly value interesting effects. Proposed cards with no effect or trivial effect that already exists on other cards will probably not make the cut.
      Please report with the following format:
      [Card Name] – [Report]
      [Hachiman] – I think a better text would be “While you have only one attacker, he has +2 power.”
      Reports like “This card is too powerful” or “It should have 3 endurance not 2.” are related to balancing which is undergoing. Those will be appreciated but will probably not grant points




  1. Greek – 6465 pts
  2. Norse – 4735 pts
  3. Japanese – 1375 pts


  1. Megas Alexandros – 5335 pts
  2. Scofield3 – 3395 pts
  3. icomir – 880 pts

Every player will get rewards based on his points on the open beta launch date.

Full Rankings